Friday, July 20, 2012

Hot Bird - Brooklyn

I have been passing by this funky little place for a few weeks now and never knew it was a bar till my room mates brought me there last night. From the outside it looks like a boarded up site but if you go around the corned you can see the dramatic entrance. There is a huge outdoor patio area with painted picnic benches. The interior has an old industrial feel to it with large garage doors, exposed ducting, industrial style metal pendant lights and old large machinery parts doted around the room. Even the small toilet reminded me of a toilet you might find in an old car repair place. 

Turns out it actually was a Auto Repair shop and the name for the bar came from a Fried Chicken shop that was in Brooklyn in the 80's. It was called Hot Bird and they had large advertisement around Brooklyn that still exist today, like the one on the building below. So the new owners of the bar obviously saw the the opportunity for some free advertising for their new place and opened there bar in the building next door to the large sign. 

Brooklyn lined up for the food from Alan Harding's new truck at Hot Bird. Photos by Clay Williams.

HOT BIRD - inside views (night)

Elsa Cocktail Bar - The East Village New York

I went to this little cocktail bar in the East Village the other night. The atmosphere is amazing it has all white walls and dim lighting and creates a lovely relaxed vibe. They have some cute little  interior design touches for example they have an old singer sewing machine and miss matching mirrors. 


Photo by Dave Ratzlow 

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Purl Soho

Purl Soho is a cool little knitting and fabric supply store. Hope you like it as much as I do!!
This is the web address for the shop
They also have a cool blog


I bought some felt and some thread and made some lovely citrus coasters. I got the design for them  from there website. 

ABC Home

Stumbled upon the most amazing shop today it is a mix of old vintage finds, modern furniture, gift and general homeware products as well as some jewellery and cloths. I spent about an hour and a half just walking around looking at all the wonderful products they have. Below are some photos of the shop but they can not capture how amazing the it is to just walk around and explore the space. 

ABC Carpet & Home