Thursday, January 20, 2011

Style Club Dublin

The Style Club is a hairdressers on Southwilliam Street in Dublin City. It is a funky 80's inspired studio. The designer behind the interiors is Garry Cohen.

The brief for Style Club was to deliver a completely new “concept salon” which would push the boundaries of design. It is a space, which will be staffed and patronized by those, prepared to set trends and dare the status quo of hair styling. This is not a place for the timid. It takes Punk, Anima, New Wave, Memphis and Classical Designs and mixes a potent 21st century cocktail. The design is not minimal. Less is not more in this space-more is more and very entertaining. Colors collide that should never go together, and yet somehow they work. Everywhere you turn is a new experience, you just want to sit down and have the stylist create your own personal style. check out more of Garrys work on his website

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