Monday, April 11, 2011

Eatery 120 Ranelagh

Eatery 120 is a cool little upmarket brasserie in Ranelagh. After months /years of driving past and wondering what it was like,  I finally went in for dinner last Thursday and it definitely did not disappoint. I was really impressed, as the food was delicious, the service was top notch the atmosphere was friendly and comfortable and the interiors were inspiring. 
The lighting in the restaurant is so great they really got this design feature right. I even overheard people at the next table commenting on how comfortable it was and they came to the conclusion that it was down to the lighting. This was definitely a correct observation. They have plenty of lights all at low levels creating a warm and comfortable atmosphere. I particularly liked the light fixture in the image to the right. It is so fun and just shows that a bit of imagination can give you something really exciting.

The restrooms may be my favorite part of the restaurant, design wise that is! There is really funky wallpaper on the lobby walls of old tall lamps you can see a bit of it in the picture to the right.  The toilets, sinks and light shades are all old style and they have these little bras hand clips to hold your bag which was a nice touch.

All in all it was a great evening and I came away with lots of new and inspiring ideas to use in future projects.  I would definitely recommend it especially to any design junkies out there.

Sketch design are the design company that designed the restaurant and I take my hat off to them for having a great all round design.  The design was shortlisted for the FX International Interior Design Awards in the bar/ restaurant category.

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