Monday, April 18, 2011

Sketch Up Tutorial

The Follow Tool 

Step 1. Using the circle tool draw a circle on the ground. 
Step 2. Draw a triangle from the center of the circle 

Step 3. Select the follow tool and select the triangle this will folow the circle to create the cone.

Step 4. Draw a square and push pull this then draw another square to the side of this.
Step 5. Using the free hand drawing tool draw a squiggly line on the small square.
Step 6. Erase the outer lines and select the area using the follow tool and follow around the outside of the box.
Step 7. Join the shape 

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  1. U are totally rock! i luv ur designs so cool. i am a 27/f/ from Romania. n i wunna b just like u when i grow up!!!! i wanna come to ireland to c u. can we b bffs?